Summer 2019
An Even Better Dispensary Experience
An Even Better Dispensary Experience




We Deliver Medical Cannabis to Your Living Room!

The PSA staff at The Living Room are working tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver medical cannabis up to 20 miles away from the store! If you want to see if we deliver to your area CLICK HERE, or click ORDER NOW above, sign up for an account and input your address. The minimum order for delivery is $100. Great news, NOW you can use up to 900 loyalty points ($100 OFF) with your delivery order. You will still have to meet the $100 minimum spend to qualify for home delivery.  Some restrictions may apply.

Follow the directions below to order for delivery:
  1. Place your order of $100 or more online by clicking THIS LINK
  2. Select Free Delivery at checkout.
  3. Input your address or sign in to your account.
  4.  Click Checkout and wait for your order confirmation text.
  5. We will contact you within 24 hours to verify your order, cancel, or to schedule your delivery time.
  6. We accept CanPay, Debit & Cash for delivery orders. CanPay is a cashless- hands-free method of payment. Click the link to sign up for free and pay securely and safely every time your order!
  7. Please answer your phone when we call to set up your delivery or we may have to cancel your order. If you do miss the call, please call us back and we will schedule you for the next day’s deliveries.
  8. Email us if you have any questions at

Learn About Cannabis

The PSA staff at The Living Room are here to help our patients and community learn about the potential healing benefits from using cannabis. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a healing medicine for a variety of medical conditions and symptoms. The Living Room features a wide variety of carefully selected medical cannabis products for our Maryland patients.

Become A Maryland Patient

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

The MMCC Patient Portal is the first step you need to take to register as a patient in Maryland. The process is relatively easy, but you must start by registering with the State of Maryland.  Once you receive your patient number, you’ll be able to visit with a doctor to determine how cannabis can be used to alleviate your qualifying symptoms.

To qualify for the MD medical cannabis program, a patient must have a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that causes: cachexia, anorexia, wasting syndrome, severe or chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, severe or persistent muscle spasms, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or another chronic medical condition which is severe and for which other treatments have been ineffective.  For other frequently asked questions about the MD program, visit here:

How do I become a medical cannabis patient in MD?
You can apply to become a MD medical cannabis patient by following these 4 steps:

1) Register at  You will need to submit:
* A copy of a government issued ID
* Last four digits of your social security number
* A valid email address
* A recent photo of you with a white background
Be sure to reply to their confirmation email!

2) Wait for your email approval which will contain your patient ID number. This usually takes a few weeks. Note: Hospice applications are processed immediately.

3) Visit a provider registered with MMCC to obtain a valid certification. Don’t forget your patient ID number!

Medical Cannabis Products

DISCOS are a product which allow medical patients to utilize THC without combustion.

This medical cannabis industry is continuously creating new products for patients. The Living Room features products from most of Maryland’s growers and processors, including Evermore Cannabis Company products.

From new flower strains and innovative vape cart technology, to high-quality concentrates and edibles, The Living Room helps patients with products targeted to alleviate specific symptoms and conditions. Our PSA’s are ready to answer your questions about which products might offer you the best results.

We offer products for sale online or come into our flagship Pikesville, Maryland dispensary, where we offer:

The Living Room carries a wide variety of cannabis flower from Maryland growers.


Licensed Maryland growers are cultivating and offering high-quality flower products to Maryland patients. Products like pre-rolls and flower bud continue to expand our menu offering.


The extracted and concentrated cannabinoids, terpenoids, waxes and fats from raw cannabis flower are used to create many concentrated and infused cannabis products. 

The Living Room offers a wide variety of market leading and lab tested THC, THC-CBD and CBD vape carts.

Concentrates may be created from fresh frozen flower or dried flower or cannabis leaf. Most concentrates can be used with a dab rig or oil pen. An activated shatter or wax may be consumed orally and raw.

Extract Technician State of the art technology offers Maryland medical patients high quality, lab tested cannabis products.

Concentrates are also available in a variety of purities from Full Extract Concentrates to Distillates. These are best enjoyed through a variety of specific methods and can also be added on top of your favorite flower. Potency varies between cannabinoids from high >98% THC isolate to balanced THC and CBD ratios, to just 100% pure CBD. Terpene contents range from 1.5% to nearly 30% for most products.

Shatter is scientifically referred to as an “Absolute”. Shatter is a stable translucent concentrate derived from C02, Butane, or Ethanol. Shatter is the result of washing the cannabis in the solvent, dewaxing (removing fats, lipids and waxes), and vacuum purging of solvent under low heat. When activated for edible consumption through decarboxylation non-dewaxed shatter can be considered a full extract concentrate oil (FECO/RSO).

Wax is the result of slightly heating up the shatter and whipping the shatter into a waxy consistency. This waxy consistency offers easier handling to be used in a Dab Rig, Dab Straw, or Dab Pen. Wax is also known as earwax, budder, sap.

Sappy Wax is result of the high terpenes extracted from cannabis remaining in the concentrate. For easier handling, place in refrigerator for five to ten minutes to temporarily harden and then transfer to a glass container if needed for easier dosing and consumption.

Sugar Wax or Shatters that start to sugar are the result of the high terpenes in the original extract and the high THC content of the original extract trying to separate to return to their normal state after the process of extraction. THCa starts to crystallize and the terpenes start to separate.

Terp Sauces are terpene rich concentrates usually with more than ten percent terpenes.  These are generally a liquid like consistency and best used in a dab rig or dripped on top of raw flower or a pre-rolled joint (PRJ).

THC Isolate is a slowly mature crystal representation of the THC molecule.  It is nearly pure and usually mixed back into the previously separated terpene fraction. This can be used in any fashion that another concentrate can be used.

Distillates are the distilled fraction of the whole concentrate. These are usually of the highest purity and can have terpenes of various types added back. This product, because it is activated during the distillation process, may be eaten raw but is usually used in a vape pen.

Capsules contain fractionated extra virgin coconut oil and activated full spectrum cannabis extract. Capsule Sizes: Various 5 mg / 10 mg / 15 mg / 20 mg / CBD, THC, and CBD/THC (*specific potency is listed on the labels) **as limited by law. Potency: 5 mg / 15 mg / 25 mg (*specific potency is listed on the labels).  Capsule description and use:  We encourage our customers to start low and slow.  1 capsule dose. Wait 1.5 hours to evaluate the effectiveness of the dose before consuming additional capsules.  Each capsule can last as long as 8 hours, or longer if taken before bedtime.